Defensive Linemen Prospects for the Titans – Jamie Collins


I previously identified Sylvester Williams as a guy to watch (for reasons similar to this blog) and now I’m adding Jamie Collins. Both guys fit what the Titans added to the mix last season in a modified 43 defensive package. At 6′ 3″ and 250 pounds, Collins was breathtaking in drills at the Combine. At SMU, he was the “bandit end” in their 4-2-5 defense which is a scheme the Titans also ran on occasion in 2012 using Akeem Ayers. Collins ran a 4.64 40 yard dash, had a 41.5 inch vertical leap, and a 139 inch broad jump. He also ran a 7.10 second 3 cone drill. He was easily one of the more impressive players at the combine today, and if the Titans are convinced they want to continue to evolve into this type scheme he would be a perfect fit for it.

Bandit End 4-2-5 defense

SMU Player Profile

NFL Draft Profile

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