Erin Andrews Apologized to 50 Cent and It Made Me Sad

In case you missed it, Fox reporter Erin Andrews was covering the Daytona 500 a couple of weeks ago and it was super awkward. While I thought it was inappropriate I didn’t feel the need to weigh in on it until Andrews inexplicably apologized for NOT letting 50 kiss her. After much thought I just couldn’t not weigh in.

For the record I like Andrews very much. Not only is she talented but she is beautiful and has built a brand on doing what she does best. I didn’t like this though. I am a big believer in women supporting women but in my opinion this was the wrong move.

I have no idea why Andrews felt compelled to apologize for refraining from allowing a guy kiss her while she is performing her job. In the real world not only is this sexual harassment it is a crime called sexual assault. Her explanation that he is a “business partner” to me only made it worse. In a world where women are still struggling for equality no female should be obligated to accept advances while she is performing her job. Not even a sports reporter. I might argue especially a female sports reporter.

We still live and work in a world where females who aspire to work in sports are mocked, ignored and called “jersey chasers.” Or worse. We live and work in a world where Jay Bilas is considered the bomb because he poses with cheerleaders while women have to fight for respect when talking to professional athletes. I have no problem with Bilas but don’t hold women who aspire to cover, blog or talk about sports to a different standard.

I still love Erin Andrews and I still appreciate what she does as a female in a male dominated profession. I just didn’t like her apologizing to 50 Cent when he should have been the one to apologize to her.


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