Compensatory picks should be interesting for the Titans in 2014

While I was working on my analysis of the draft some thoughts occurred to me about next year’s draft and the Titans trade of their 3rd round pick. It will be interesting to see if the Titans get any compensatory picks next year. Why do you say? Let’s take a look

The exact formula for compensatory picks is super secret but generally speaking  a team losing more or better compensatory free agents than it acquires in the previous year is eligible to receive compensatory draft picks. NFL awards 2013 compensatory picks 

In order to receive a comp pick, the team must have lost a free agent and have not replaced that player with a quality free agent, based on salary, playing time and post season awards. The two players the Titans lost with the best free agent contracts are Jared Cook and Matt Hasselbeck. Sen’Derrick Marks signed with the Jags but his contract is for one year and 1.5 million (fully guaranteed). The Titans signed former Lions DT Sammie Lee Hill to a 3 year 11.4 million dollar contract that has 4 million guaranteed. 

Jared Cook signed a 5 year 35.11 million dollar contract so he is the most likely candidate for a comp pick. His deal contains a 19 million dollar guarantee and he is clearly a player the Rams are looking to get playing time and production. They did draft Tavon Austin, Stedman Bailey and Zac Stacy though so its certainly possible his potential production suffers for it.

By contrast, the Titans signed former San Francisco Forty Niner Delanie Walker (one of my free agent wishes) to a 4 year 17.5 million dollar deal with 8.6 million guaranteed. Despite the addition of Justin Hunter, Walker is certain to see a lot of playing time.

Matt Hasselbeck signed with the Colts on a 2 year 7.25 million dollar contract with 3 million guaranteed. Hasselbeck will be backing up incumbent Andrew Luck and if he sees significant playing time its bad news for the Colts and for Luck.

By contrast, the Titans signed former Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick to a 2 year 6.5 million dollar contract with a base salary of 3.25 million. Given questions regarding Jake Locker’s shoulder it is certainly possible Fitzpatrick could see playing time.

While there are still some free agents unsigned, it is highly unlikely anyone gets a contract worth considering. I think a good argument can be made that if the Titans do get a compensatory pick it is because of a failure of their free agency strategy

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