A Look at the 2008, 2009 and 2010 Tennessee Titans Draft

Titans Draft3

This blog was inspired by a tweet from Gene Frenette who covers the Jacksonville Jaguars and who tweeted about the last 3 years of former General Manager Gene Smith and their number of draft picks still on the roster (half of them are gone). So I decided to take a look at the last 3 drafts under former head coach Jeff Fisher.


1.24 RB  Chris Johnson  East Carolina
2.23 DL  Jason Jones  Eastern Michigan
3.22 TE  Craig Stevens  California
4.04 DL  William Hayes  from ATL through WAS
4.27 WR  Lavelle Hawkins  California  from DAL
4.35 LB  Stanford Keglar  Purdue  compensatory pick
7.22 DB  Cary Williams  Washburn
Of the 2008 Tennessee Titans draft picks, only 2 remain and those are running back Chris Johnson and tight end Craig Stevens. Jason Jones, William Hayes and Cary Williams are still in the league and Hayes plays for Fisher now in St. Louis, Jones for former Titans defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz in Detroit, and Williams for Philadelphia. Hawkins was cut by the Titans last month and signed a 2 year deal with the Patriots. Keglar is a free agent.


1.30 WR  Kenny Britt  Rutgers
2.30 DL  Sen’Derrick Marks  Auburn
3.25 TE  Jared Cook  South Carolina  from NE
3.30 DB  Ryan Mouton  Hawaii
4.30 LB  Gerald McRath  Southern Mississippi
4.35 OL  Troy Kropog  Tulane  compensatory pick
5.37 RB  Javon Ringer  Michigan State  compensatory pick
6.30 DB  Jason McCourty  Rutgers
6.33 WR  Dominique Edison  Stephen F. Austin  compensatory pick
7.30 OL  Ryan Durand
7.33 DB  Nick Schommer  North Dakota State  compensatory pick
Like the 2008 Titans draft, only 2 remain and they are Kenny Britt and Jason McCourty. Britt’s issues are well known. McCourty is a good corner and the Titans signed him to an extension on August 23, 2012. Cook now plays for Fisher in St. Louis and Marks signed a one year deal with the Jackonsville Jaguars. Kropog is a reserve lineman for the Vikings and Durand is a reserve lineman for the Kansas City Chiefs. The remainder are currently free agents.


1.16 DL  Derrick Morgan  Georgia Tech
3.13 WR  Damian Williams
3.33 LB  Rennie Curran  Georgia  Compensatory Pick
4.06 DB  Alterraun Verner  UCLA  from SEA
5.17 DB  Robert Johnson  Utah
6.07 QB  Rusty Smith  Florida Atlantic  from SEA
6.38 DB  Myron Rolle  Florida State  Compensatory Pick
7.15 WR  Marc Mariani  Montana
7.34 DL  David Howard  Brown  Compensatory Pick
Of the 2010 Titans draft class, Derrick Morgan, Damien Williams, Alterraun Verner, Robert Johnson, Rusty Smith and Marc Mariani remain. Morgan had a very good 2012 season and Verner has been a solid starter since his rookie year. Williams has played well with limited rotation at the receiver position. Mariani made an impact his rookie year as a returner on special teams and made the Pro Bowl. Mariani suffered a devastating injury during the 2012 preseason, breaking both his tibia and fibula and missed the season.  Johnson and Smith are still on the roster but Johnson received very bad reviews on his performance in 2012. None have received contract extensions and there has been no word of any negotiations. Curran, Rolle and Howard are out of the league.
In case you missed it, and are interested, I took at a look at the 2011 and 2012 drafts under the new regime here:



I think its safe to say the jury is still out on the 2010 class and that the 2013 season will be big for those seeking to earn roster spots and/or extensions. I view the 2008 with mixed emotions. I was very disappointed the Titans let Jason Jones walk but he and Hayes have been rotational defensive linemen since leaving the Titans. Cary Williams had injury problems with the Titans but turned into a solid starter for the Ravens. The 2009 draft has to be labeled a disappointment in my opinion.

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