Is Kendall Wright The Titans Best Wide Receiver?

I like Kendall Wright he is a good football player and he did a really nice job in his rookie season posting 64 receptions for 626 yards and 4 touchdowns. I said more than once during the 2012 season that Wright was the Titans best wide receiver but Nate Washington ultimately passed him in total yards and yards per reception while trying him with 4 touchdowns.  A poorly designed offense and injuries all contributed to a pretty poor showing by the offense in general. Kenny Britt’s tendency to disappear in games didn’t help.

It’s 2013 now and the Titans have a revamped offensive line and quarterback Jake Locker is healthy and operating a new offense run by new offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains. Training camp is now complete and the Titans are ready to begin their season with the season opener at Pittsburgh. One of the questions heading into the 2013 season from media and fans is whether Kendall Wright is the Titans best wide receiver and if not, then who is the best?

I think Wright is a good player and he should do some good things for the Titans but I don’t believe he is the Titans best wide receiver. First, Wright is likely going to man the slot position which has certainly gained more prominence over the past few years but that also means he won’t be an every down receiver. It is possible the Titans could line him up outside some but they also have other receivers who are probably better suited to be an outside wide receiver.

Wright isn’t the biggest of receivers coming in officially at 5′ 10″ and 191 pounds. He brings a shiftiness and quickness to the game that lends itself well to the slot position. I don’t think he is the quickest or shiftiest receiver on the roster but even if he is that doesn’t in and of itself mean he is the Titans best receiver. I do like that he brings that to the Titans receiving corp. Wright posted a 4.61 40 yard dash (not a top performer) at the NFL Combine and he wasn’t one of the top performers at any of the agility drills.

While I think Wright is good he isn’t the type of receiver that scares a defense or that teams game plan around. Kenny Britt is that type of receiver and rookie wide receiver Justin Hunter has the skill set to be that type of wide receiver. I do think Wright is and can be a receiver that teams have to account for but not a game changer in the way of Britt and hopefully Hunter. Perhaps he will develop into that kind of guy but at this point in time I don’t believe he is that type of guy.

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