So I Made Some Week 9 NFL Picks for The Sports Script

My good friend Ricky Gangsta over at The Sports Script asked me to make this week’s NFL picks and I might have gotten carried away. Be sure to check out the site and you can follow Ricky on twitter at @rickygangsta and the Sports Script at @thesportsscript so give them some love. Also, my Cover 3 NFL Female co-host Mandi Woodruff writes there as well so hit her up on twitter at @dvnmsm you won’t be sorry.


The Dolphins are on a four game losing streak and are now without starting offensive tackle Jonathan Martin. This will be a Bengals bloodbath.
Bengals 35 Dolphins 10


The poor Falcons are bit by injury bug and the ship is slowly sinking. The Panthers on the other hand are on the rise.
Panthers 27 Falcons 17


The Vikings are playing musical chairs at QB and don’t know how to use Adrian Peterson. The Cowboys are a puzzling team but they should win this one. Key word there being should.
Cowboys 28 Vikings 17


This game should be full of Ryan on Ryan awesomeness but the Jets are clearly outmatched.
Saints 35 Jets 17


Former Titans coach Jeff Fisher plays host to his former team with a list of former Titans players and coaches by his side. Unfortunately for Fisher, this isn’t his old Titans team.
Titans 24 Rams 13


The Chiefs are for real while the Bills continue to be a team that under performs in key moments. This one will be closer than it should but still no contest.
Chiefs 21 Bills 9


The Chargers are an unlikely 4-3 while the Redskins are a disappointing 2-5. The Chargers should win this game but I won’t have a big shocked look on my face if they don’t.
Chargers 24 Redskins 21


Welcome to the NFL Chip Kelly where having consistent quarterback play can make or break you. Both teams have won 3 games but the Raiders are coming off a big win over the Pittsburgh Steelers while Kelly will face a quarterback he tried to recruit to Oregon.
Eagles 17 Raiders 24


The Tampa Bay Bucaneers are a hot MRSA mess and play at Seattle. RIP Mike Glennon.
Bucs 9 Seahawks 28


Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco is undefeated against the Browns which isn’t really saying much but what else can you say about a game of this caliber? Both teams have won 3 games and the Browns have now moved on from the Brandon Weeden era so there is hope. Can Jason Campbell string together two good games against a Ravens team that is finally getting healthy?
Ravens 21 Browns 17


The Steelers are a bad football team but the Patriots have hardly played stellar football. It’s amazing they have only lost 2 football games but they won’t lose this one.
Steelers 17 Patriots 28


The premier matchup in the AFC South in Week 9 has the 5-2 Colts traveling to face the 2-5 Texans. The loss of Brian Cushing hurts and the Texans have injuries to both Arian Foster and Ben Tate who could be game time decisions. Did I mention they have now moved on (apparently) from Matt Schaub and are starting Case Keenum?
Colts 31 Texans 17


A matchup between two fierce rivalries but the Bears are without quarterback Jay Cutler who is out with a groin injury. Hasn’t stopped him from procreating as it was just announced he is spawning another child.
Packers 31 Bears 21

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