Titans Have Big Decision Looming with Jake Locker

It appears that Titans third year quarterback Jake Locker is lost for the year with a lis franc injury to his right foot. Locker has shown promise in 2013 but this is the third major injury he has suffered since being drafted #8 overall by the Titans in 2011. Locker was drafted in 2011 and his contract was negotiated pursuant to the new Collective Bargaining Agreement. As such, the Titans must provide him written notice after his third season ends but prior to the May 3 of the following league year.

Section 7. Fifth-Year Option for First Round Selections:
(a) Exercise Period. A Club has the unilateral right to extend from four
years to five years the term of any Rookie Contract of a player selected in the first round
of the Draft (the “Fifth-Year Option”). To do so, the Club must give written notice to
the player after the final regular season game of the player’s third season but prior to
May 3 of the following League Year (i.e., year four of the contract).

Locker is signed through 2014 and the CBA gives the Titans a 5th year option but they must decide by May 3 of next year whether to exercise it. I think it will be very difficult for them to pick up the 5th year option with such a small sample size and 3 major injuries since being drafted. Look for the Titans to draft a quarterback pretty high in 2014 and let Locker have another year to prove himself. The transition tag number in 2013 was 13,068.000.00.

I will continue to update this post as more information becomes available. In the meantime, some thoughts I posted on twitter below.


Per Ian Rappaport of NFL.com Jake Locker’s tender if $15 million dollars. If so, I think it highly unlikely the Titans will exercise his option year. Tweets are from last yesterday.

Addendum with 2013 numbers:

Here they are:

Position Franchise/Transition
Quarterback: 14,896,000/13,068,000
Running back: 8,219,000/6,970,000
Wide receiver: 10,537,000/8,867,000
Tight end: 6,066,000/5,194,000
Offensive lineman: 9,828,000/8,709,000
Defensive tackle: 8,450,000/7,039,000
Defensive end: 11,175,000/9,151,000
Linebacker: 9,619,000/8,358,000
Cornerback: 10,854,000/9,095,000
Safety: 6,916,000/6,002,000
Kicker/punter: 2,977,000/2,700,000

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