What Role Will Tommy Smith Play in the Titans Offseason?

A question I have been turning over in my mind is the question posed in the title. Social media isn’t the best place to judge fans temperament  but it seems a large and vocal voice want the Titans to change coaches. I have gone on record saying it is unlikely barring an epic meltdown like 2012. Certainly if that happens new CEO Tommy Smith could feel very justified in moving on and selecting his own regime. He recently said he wanted a hard nosed football team capable of winning now and in the future.

I think it’s far more likely he will do what his predecessor Bud Adams did and meet with the coaching staff to discuss their plan going into 2014. It’s also possible Mr. Smith might want to remain closely involved in personnel decisions and free agent contracts in conjunction with their plan. Not that I think he would necessarily veto anything just that I think he would likely want more input with head coach Mike Munchak heading into his contract year. The Titans could certainly elect to keep General Manager Ruston Webster even if they ultimately move on and hire a new staff. The details of Webster’s contract have not been made public to my knowledge.

It’s really too early to speculate on what will happen. I wouldn’t bet against Mr. Smith being involved in what happens in free agency during the offseason.

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