Let’s Grade the Titans 2013 Draft Class Shall We?

Let’s take a look at the 2013 Tennessee Titans draft class and see how well they did thus far. You can find my early thoughts after the draft on the class here.

Rd 1, Pick 10 (10) Warmack, Chance OG
Rd 2, Pick 2 (34) Hunter, Justin WR
Rd 3, Pick 8 (70) Wreh-Wilson, Blidi CB
Rd 3, Pick 35 (97) Gooden, Zaviar OLB
Rd 4, Pick 10 (107) Schwenke, Brian C
Rd 5, Pick 9 (142) Edwards, Lavar DE
Rd 6, Pick 34 (202) Wooten, Khalid CB
Rd 7, Pick 42 (248) Stafford, Daimion SS

There are 4 games left in the season but I think it’s fair to go ahead and grade the Titans 2013 draft class. We will revisit these grades when the season is done.

Rounds 1 OG Chance Warmack

Grade: B+

Wamack has been more of a project that I expected but he has played the entire year and is an upgrade over what the Titans had in 2012. He gets a positive grade mostly based on his road grader approach to the run game and has made some nice plays at time. Needs to work on his technique and in recognizing defense linemen moves and stunts. I still think it was a good pick. Has played every single offensive snap this year.

Round 2 WR Justin Hunter

Grade: B+

Hunter started out the year playing in limited fashion but really came on down the stretch and made some fantastic plays. Needs to get into the weight room this offseason and get a little stronger. Another year in the offseason program should greatly help him. Looking forward to seeing him in training camp next year. Has played 247 offensive snaps out of 811.

Round 3 DB Blidi Wreh-Wilson

Grade: B

BW3 has only played 6 snaps on defense but he made a key play to force a fumble on the last play versus the Oakland Raiders to seal the victory. He has been injured too but has played a lot on special teams. You see the talent there and like all of this class he needs a good offseason and a strong training camp. He gets a positive grade for working hard and doing the things he needs to do to see the field.

Round 3 LB Zaviar Gooden

Grade: Incomplete

I was tempted to give him a B due to his special teams play but he has really been too limited by injuries to really judge.Has played well on special teams when healthy but has yet to play a single defensive snap.

Round 4 C Brian Schwenke

Grade: B

Schwenke battled injuries early on but assumed the starting role at center in Week 7 and has proven to be an upgrade over what the Titans had in Rob Turner. Thus far he isn’t an upgrade over Fernando Velasco in 2012 however though in time I do believe he will be. Has played 296 offensive snaps out of 811.

Round 5 DL Lavar Edwards

Grade: C

Edwards hasn’t been the impact player I expected he would be but he has shown he can play both inside and outside on the defensive line. He needs to work on his explosiveness and technique and will benefit from an offseason in the weight room and training program. Has looked good at times but showed his rookie status too much and is still a developmental player. He has played 141 defensive snaps out of 801.

Round 6 DB Khalid Wooten

Grade: Incomplete

Wooten was a guy I thought might end up on the 53 but he is on the practice squad. He did look good in camp and preseason so there is reason to think he could be a solid player. Needs a strong offseason and training camp in 2014.

Round 7 DB Daimion Stafford

Grade: B

Like third round pick Blidi Wreh-Wilson, has had limited opportunity to make an impact on defense (as expected) but has been active on special teams. Has shown good tackling ability the ability to make plays in the preseason. If the Titans don’t re-sign Bernard Pollard could he make a push at strong safety? A good offseason in the training program and in camp would help.

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