Why Wasn’t Titans running back Chris Johnson on the Injury Report?

I have a lot of questions about Chris Johnson’s disclosure this week he was having “minor” surgery to repair a torn meniscus but  not the least of which is why he was never on the NFL mandated injury report. Were the Titans even aware Johnson had issues with his knee? If so, then he just threw them under the proverbial bus and you would think the league might look into the matter.

If not, then Johnson must have played the 2013 season with an injury he didn’t disclose to the team which isn’t conducive for a stable relationship. Johnson is almost certain to be released in the offseason given his cap number. You have to wonder whether the failure to disclose, if applicable, might impact his free agency status.

This whole episode makes you wonder what is going on in Chris Johnson’s mind. The recovery time is about a month and surely the Titans and their fans were entitled to a Chris Johnson not hampered by issues with his knee. Certainly the running game struggled for reasons outside of Johnson’s performance but a healthy running back without a torn meniscus is definitely preferable to a gimpy one.

In any event, it will be interesting to see how the Johnson saga turns out. Either way, the surgery is sure to impact his impending free agency.

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