First Post: Michael Sam

This is a great read from Torrey Smith

Torrey Smith's Off-Season Blog Full Of Random Thoughts

Hello Ravens Nation! I’m excited to move my thoughts from twitter (@torreysmithwr) WordPress.  As some of you may know, I am very vocal and enjoy talking about current events, and any random thoughts that cross my mind.  Having the ability to interact with others via social media has been amazing, and blogging will take it to another level.  There is no better time than now! My offseason consists of working out in the morning, coming home to my beautiful pregnant wife Chanel, sharing laughs with her nephew Kyleem, and talking to you guys on twitter and Instagram.  Not too glamorous for a professional athlete, but it is THE LIFE to me.  Lets jump straight into it. My first post will talk about something that is considered controversial to some…..Michael Sam announcing that he is gay.

I would personally like to applaud Michael Sam for being the first in this profession…

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