Updated – Titans Prove They Care Little About Character in Draft

The Tennessee Titans proved they care little about character when they selected former Michigan “offensive” tackle Taylor Lewan at the #11 pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. Lewan’s issues are well known and he has a long track record of being terrible toward women. Apparently they care little about their female fans as well.

Frankly, I never expected to hear Lewan’s name called as the Titans pick because I believed the farce they presented when they said they would focus on bringing in high character players. You couldn’t get much farther than the truth with the Lewan pick.

It’s not like OT was a huge issue though I don’t dislike the thought of the Titans taking one. It’s just that other guys were there with as much or more value without the character concerns. They passed. They could easily have taken an OT later in the draft. Mike Roos was a 2nd round pick. David Stewart was a 4th round pick.

At least they got one thing right. It’s offensive. Even more offensive is that they think their fan base is either stupid or incredibly naïve to believe them when they say they had no doubts about his character.

I would have more respect for them if they just admitted the truth. They just didn’t care about the off the field issues. Ken Whisenhunt had the opportunity to put a defining stamp on his legacy in Nashville. He utterly failed in that regard unless he wants his legacy to be that the Titans are open for business to any bad character as long as it helps them win games.

I really don’t see how anyone can support this draft pick or support the direction this franchise appears to be headed. The Titans are going to have a long road to travel to win back the support of many of it’s previously loyal fanbase after this dreadful start to the Whisenhunt era.


As if you needed more proof but you got. In the 6th round the Titans moved up and surrendered their sixth- and seventh-round picks (Nos. 186, 228) to Washington’s 178 spot to take Zach Mettenberger. Mettenberger of course has a long history of off the field issues and pleaded guilty to 2 charges of misdemeanor sexual battery for an incident in 2009 that got him kicked off the Georgia football squad. There were issues while he was at LSU culminating in a diluted drug test at the NFL combine. It was reported there were issues scouts unearthed that led teams to take him completely off their board.

Not the Tennessee Titans who are apparently open for business to anyone so long as they believe it helps them win games. Their talk of character is just that talk and insulting to anyone who has brain cells. Either they don’t know the meaning of the word or they are just saying it matters because they believe it sells.

I have a newsflash for them. I’m not buying what they are trying to sell. Right now their product stinks.

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