AFC South Week 3 Preview

The regular NFL season is back and we are here to provide you with your AFC South Week 3 preview. So let’s take a look around the division at the Week 3 match-ups. We also give you our score predictions.

Houston Texans at New York Giants

Kickoff Sunday at Noon

MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey

Broadcast on CBS

Houston Texans 2-0

New York Giants 0-2

The highflying Texans are undefeated and sitting atop the AFC South as they travel north to take on the win less Giants. The Giants are terrible and there really isn’t much else you can say about them. Eli Manning is facing a crucial moment in his career. He simply isn’t playing well and fans are calling for change. If Manning continues to play poorly, how long can the Giants stick with him? They face a Houston Texans defense known for terrorizing quarterbacks.

J.J. Watt must be licking his lips right about now. Eli Manning has been sacked four times already and has been under pressure a lot. Watt only has one sack and as a team the Texans only have three. That should change Sunday. For the Texans, Arian Foster is questionable but is expected to play. Texans quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick has not been sacked while the Giants got four sacks in Week 2 against Arizona.

Vegas currently has the Texans favored by 1 in a line that has moved from 3 to 1. The Texans have only turned the ball over once on a Foster fumble while the Giants have turned it over six times.

Courtesy of
Courtesy of

Final score prediction:

Texans 21

Giants 13

Tennessee Titans at Cincinnati Bengals

Kickoff Sunday at Noon

Paul Brown Stadium, Cincinnati, Ohio

Broadcast on CBS

Tennessee Titans 1-1

Cincinnati Bengals 2-0

Through two games, the Bengals have looked like the cream of the AFC and perhaps even the entire NFL. They are led by their young quarterback Andy Dalton who is coming off a contract extension as well. The Bengals defense has slipped a bit in rankings but don’t let that fool you. This is a tough team to beat particularly at home.

The Titans are an enigma right now. Which Titans team will show up? The Titans have a good running game which they need to establish while their young quarterback settles in after two injury plagued seasons as  their starter. The Titans could be without their top cornerback which isn’t good news for a team without good depth there.

Click here for my full preview.

Vegas currently has the Bengals favored by only a touchdown. This is a sucker pick so don’t fall for it. Stay sucka free.

Courtesy of
Courtesy of

Final score prediction:

Titans 17

Bengals 28

Indianapolis Colts at Jacksonville Jaguars

Kickoff Sunday at Noon

Everbank Field, Jacksonville, Florida

Broadcast on CBS

Indianapolis Colts 0-2

Jacksonville Jaguars 0-2

This game should be billed as the battle for the bottom of the AFC South but it won’t be. The Colts, once the darling of the NFL, have yet to win a game but that should change this Sunday. As poorly as the Colts have looked at times, the Jaguars have simply looked dreadful.

The Colts are hampering Andrew Luck with questionable play calling while the Jaguars inexplicably remain committed to Chad Henne despite a strong pre-season from rookie quarterback Blake Bortles. This past week there were rumbling that that might be changing. Neither team can afford to go 0-3 and expect to remain a viable candidate to take the division or make the playoffs.

This is another sucker pick. Stay sucka free. Vegas has the Colts favored also by only a touchdown. While the Colts haven’t played well, and rank in the bottom of the league in most categories, they are ranked seventh in passing yardage.

Colts rankings

jaguars rankings

Final score prediction:

Colts 35

Jaguars 17

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