My One and Only Goodell Question

There is one question I want to ask Roger Goodell. There is one question I want Roger Goodell to answer about the Ray Rice case.

As the Goodell press conference was going down I said I wanted to be there asking questions and not because there weren’t good questions asked. I was just waiting for the one question I want to ask Roger Goodell. The one question I want Roger Goodell to answer. So here is my one and only Goodell question.

Why was the NFL (and  the Baltimore Ravens) willing to allow Janay Palmer Rice to take the blame for being knocked out in an elevator by her soon to be husband?

Goodell is a smart man. He is surrounded by a number of smart people. There were lawyers involved here and I’m not just talking about the one who represented Ray Rice. Remember he of the hypothetical that suggested Palmer was responsible for the fracas?

This question is at the heart of why the NFL and the Ravens “allegedly” never got that tape. They knew what was on it. The evidence there seems pretty clear. There is evidence Rice admitted to what he did to both the Ravens and the NFL. Neither the Ravens nor the NFL want you to believe it because it might reveal what they don’t want you to know.

They wanted you to think Palmer was responsible for her own abuse.

Why did no one ask Goodell why he didn’t refute those reports indicating he and/or the league had viewed the tape inside the elevator before issuing Rice his initial suspension? This is the central question to me and at the heart of the NFL and the Ravens strategy.

They allowed Chris Mortensen and Peter King, notorious for their close ties to the league’s front office and known for their willingness to parrot the party line, to insinuate nay virtually suggest that Palmer did something in that elevator to warrant her beating and that the tap on the wrist two game suspension was completely fair.

Please understand I’m not sitting here with a big shocked look on my face regarding this strategy. This has been standard operating procedure whenever a female accuses a male athlete of assault against her person. It’s a cheap tactic that has far too long been the norm and far too long been acceptable (not to mention successful).

Neither the NFL nor the Ravens wanted to view that tape because it made what they were going to do a farce. They certainly didn’t want YOU to view that tape because it confirmed the farce. Only TMZ, an uncomfortable ally for women in this process, seemed willing to make the one phone call necessary to obtain the inside the elevator tape.

All the scrambling you see now? It’s because the NFL knew once that tape was out the jig was up. You cannot blame Palmer for Rice’s actions now. The video makes that clear. Recall that press conference where the Ravens live tweeted Palmer saying she was sorry? Those tweets have now been deleted.

I wasn’t present at the press conference but I would have asked the question. I still want to know. I still want Roger Goodell to answer it.

Roger Goodell? It’s Sharona. Why were you willing to let Janay Palmer Rice take the blame for her abuse?

I really want to know.


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