Change Could Be Coming Soon For Titans

I wrote in my recap it wasn’t time to bench Jake Locker and I still stand by it. However, there could be a change coming soon on offense and it might be at another crucial position.

Michael Roos hasn’t responded well to having rookie Taylor Lewan breathing down his neck and is currently having the worst season of his NFL career. Roos isn’t terribly by any means but his ranking has slipped from the top of the league to the middle (he is currently tied at 27th with Indianapolis Colts Gosder Cherilus.

Roos hasn’t given up a sack yet per Pro Football Focus but he has yielded a lot of pressure and given up four quarterback hits. He also uncharacteristically has been penalty prone with three penalties already through three games. The 31 year old offensive lineman is in the last year of his contract.

Roos has given up snaps in two games this year to Lewan with the Bengals game being the most. Lewan played seven snaps against the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 1 and 16 snaps in the Week 3 blowout against the Bengals. While the sample size is small, he has graded out far better than the veteran.

The Titans are currently 1-2 and struggling on offense while their young quarterback looks to make plays under pressure. Jake Locker hasn’t been great but the offensive line has really struggled. If that continues it seems reasonable to expect a change at some point.

The Titans publicly remain committed to Locker and the team needs to rally around him and play better no doubt. The Titans didn’t spend a high draft selection (#11 overall) on Lewan without an expectation he would replace Roos and play at some point.

Unless the offense starts playing better that switch may happen sooner rather than later.


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