First Quarter Titans Grades: ST, Coaching/Intangibles

It’s time for your first quarter grades as the Tennessee Titans are four games into the 2014 NFL season. Unfortunately, the Titans as a whole have regressed from the 2013 season at every single position so the grades aren’t good. We previously took a look at the offense and defense here are our special teams and coaching grades.


Place kicker: Grade B

I struggled with this grade maybe the most with may or may not surprise you. Initially I had Ryan Succop at a C because those two missed field goals at Cincinnati still rankle. Succop has converted a 47 this season and has converted longs of 51,52,53 and 54. Those missed field goals were within his reach no doubt. He has otherwise been clutch so grade B.

Punter: Grade B

Brett Kern struggled against the Cincinnati Bengals after learning about the death of his friend former Titan Rob Bironas. Otherwise,  he has been solid and dependable.

Special teams units: Grade D

Easily one of the worst position groups through four games and competing with cornerback and offensive line for worst position group on the team. Competition is good right? Coverage units are terrible and only a few lucky breaks here and there have kept the Titans from real disaster. You just feel it coming though.

Return game: Grade F

Related to special teams units but the return game has been it’s own special type of terrible. Former pro bowler Dexter McCluster has yet to get anything going on punt return and Leon Washington has just been okay. Good news though the Titans haven’t muffed one or fumbled one yet though they came close. Knock on wood?

Coaching and Intangibles: Grade F

This is the other grade where I struggled. Initially, I had coaching graded at a D. However, a twitter exchange with Rob Greenlaw one of my former co-horts at Music City Miracles.



The Titans have looked unprepared since their first game at Kansas City and got out coached in the other three. Head coach Ken Whisenhunt admitted after the Colts game the coaching staff might have overestimated the players and talent on the team. The play calling has been head scratching at times and downright suspect at others.

There isn’t a single position group playing better this season which has to reflect on the coaching staff.

There you have it Titans fans do you agree or disagree? What are your first quarter grades for special teams and coaching through four games? Post them in the comments.

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