Second Quarter Titans Grades: ST, Coaching/Intangibles

It’s time for your second quarter grades as the Tennessee Titans are eight games into the 2014 NFL season. Unfortunately, the Titans as a whole have regressed from the 2013 season at every single position so the grades aren’t good. We previously took a look at the offense and defense here are our special teams and coaching grades.


Place kicker: Grade B+

Despite missing two against the Bengals, Ryan Succop has been gold this year and was a great offseason pickup for the Titans. This could easily be an A- and Succop is pretty solid in every category. The Titans could look to sign him to an extension or new deal since he was only on a one year tryout plan.

Punter: Grade A

Brett Kern struggled against the Cincinnati Bengals after learning about the death of his friend former Titan Rob Bironas. Otherwise,  he has been solid and dependable and the blocked punt was not his fault. Kern is one of the better and more dependable players for the Titans.

Special teams units: Grade D

Easily one of the worst position groups through four games and competing with cornerback and offensive line for worst position group on the team. Competition is good right? Coverage units are terrible and only a few lucky breaks here and there have kept the Titans from real disaster. You just feel it coming though.

Return game: Grade D

The return game has been a bit better the past few games but it is still putrid. Dexter McCluster had one good return this year and that was against the Houston Texans. Leon Washington is doing what he can with what he is given but kickoff returns are virtually eliminated in today’s game.

Coaching and Intangibles: Grade F

For the life of me I couldn’t bring this grade up and I tried hard. Through four games there wasn’t a position group playing any better this year but the defensive line has gotten healthy and has improved. Still, there is a lot more it could be doing to get pressure on the quarterback and the run defense has been abysmal.

The regression of the offensive line, the poor special teams play, the stagnant offense are all symptoms of a larger cause. There is talent on this football team but you do not see that talent being utilized successfully. That falls squarely on the coaching staff.

The Akeem Ayers situation is more than troubling. We discussed it with former Titan Jovan Haye on Game Over With Vashti and Sharona on 730 Yahoo Sports. We also discussed Ken Whisenhunt’s job status. You can listen here.

Many view this as a lost season but I submit there is no such thing. There were no such low expectations for Mike Munchak either. Jeff Fisher took over during the season and then oversaw a move. Those teams are way better than the Titans so do not tell me this is all players.

You have to prove yourself everyday in this league. The Titans have eight more games and this coaching staff is being watched. Titans fans deserve better than the product on the field.

There you have it Titans fans do you agree or disagree? What are your second quarter grades for special teams and coaching through eight games? Tweet me at @SportsBySharona or post them in the comments.

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