Giants at Titans Recap

We bring you our Giants at Titans recap as the Tennessee Titans dropped another terrible loss, 36 to 7 to the New York Giants, before the rapidly dwindling home crowd at LP Field yesterday. If you didn’t think it could any worse for the Tennessee Titans heading into Week 14 you were sadly mistaken.

Where do the reeling Titans go from here? Smart money says they are headed for an offseason where hopefully there will be some soul searching and lots of looking into the mirror. Certainly players have been put on notice that changes are coming. Will new Titans CEO Tommy Smith insist on accountability in the front office or coaching staff? It doesn’t look promising.

One of the biggest issues plaguing the Titans this year has been the offensive line which just goes from bad to worse to “can any quarterback survive behind it.” The line was struggling before the injuries to Mike Roos, Brian Schwenke, Michael Oher and Taylor Lewan. It’s relatively easy to blame this all on the players but the offensive line schemes have been poor at best this season.

The end result of course are a series of injuries to rookie quarterback Zach Mettenberger who now appears to be out for the remainder of the season after being pummeled the past few weeks behind this leaky offensive line. Mettenberger left the game in the 4th quarter after being sacked for the 5th time by Devon Kennard. It is now confirmed he re-injured his shoulder and will miss the remainder of the season.

This game was a disaster in every sense of the word and it was Mettenberger’s worst game as a Titan. It certainly wasn’t entirely his fault since the Titans were also without their best wide receiver in Kendall Wright. The talent around Mettenberger is depleted and its incredibly hard for a young quarterback to develop under those circumstances.

Mettenberger showed flashes of being a quarterback the Titans could build around so it’s probably best he’s done for the year. Let him heal up and come back next year to a (hopefully) healthy and improved team. Mettenberger will finish with the following stats.

mett show final stats for season

One area where Mettenberger needs to improve is on decision making and releasing the ball quicker. An offseason of film study and work in the weight room can assist him greatly if he takes advantage. He has the tools to be successful and right now all he can do is work on what is within his control.

As far as the offense in general, its bad enough as it is but it can definitely get worse. Whisenhunt doesn’t care for Jake Locker and it shows. The play calling when the former Titans starter is in the game is consistently subpar and doesn’t utilize Locker’s abilities to their best. This is a theme with this coaching staff that has long gone ignored. They are simply bad at utilizing player talent.

As for whether it can get worse on offense it most assuredly can. The Titans have three more games and only two more quarterbacks on their roster. Will either of them survive?

Now replacement right tackle Byron Stingily is also injured. We will have a status update on him soon. The Titans have players on their roster who can help the offensive line. They simply refuse to use them. Be on the lookout for a separate post on that issue. I touched upon it earlier in the season.

Turning now to the defense, the much maligned unit is struggling greatly but consider how often they have been on the field this season. The Titans average holding the ball 26:50 of the game and are unable to stay on the field on offense. The defense has likewise struggled with injuries particularly in the secondary. The loss of strong safety Bernard Pollard changed the entire complexion of the defense.

Second year cornerback Blidi Wreh-Wilson has struggled and left the game early Sunday with a shoulder injury. It is reported to be a shoulder dislocation and he looks to be done for the year as well. Wilson got thrown into the fire this season and as we wrote will almost certainly face competition for the right cornerback position in the offseason.

Giants running back Andre Williams and wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. are two of just the latest players to put up big numbers against the Titans. I certainly hope you had the foresight to pick up New York Jets running back Chris Johnson in fantasy this week who will face his old team in Week 15. I did.

The Titans have a plethora of defensive players with high cap numbers next season. Which one they retain is questionable but it bears note that Titans CEO Tommy Smith is on record praising safety Michael Griffin who has the second highest cap charge at $8.1 million.

The Titans are now 2-11 and do not look like they will win another game. They face the New York Jets in Week 15 and former Titan running back Chris Johnson must be chomping at the bit to face this defense. Right now the Titans hold the second overall pick in the upcoming 2015 NFL Draft.

Finally, I asked Titans fans to weigh in as I usually do and here are the responses:

Final score:

Giants 36

Titans 7


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