Lewan Sentenced Amidst Judge’s Concerns

Per Detroit Free Press, Tennessee Titans offensive lineman Taylor Lewan was sentenced to one year probation plus restitution for his role in a bar fight while attending college at the University of Michigan. Initially, Lewan had been charged with three counts of assault but he pled down to disorderly conduct and disturbing the police on October 30.

The hearing was attended by victim Ryan Munsch of Columbus, Ohio who stated he chose to pursue the case because he didn’t want to endanger additional victims. Lewan must pay $1,714.68 in restitution for rib injuries Munsch suffered requiring him to go to the hospital.

Lewan was lucky he received a leniant sentence because the prosector and Judge both expressed reservations about his conduct following his plea deal where he went to the same Ann Arbor bar, Scorekeepers, that night and bought drinks for others. District Judge Elizabeth Pollard Hines heard from the victim and the prosecutor and considered the evidence. Since there was no proof Lewan had been drinking, the judge handed down the sentence, but with the following statement:

“I do think your decision to go to Scorekeeper’s and buying drinks for others, while technically not a violation of any term, I think the whole judgment of that made me wonder if you were taking it seriously,” she said. “I hope you are.”

Lewan is still the subject of a federal investigation into Michigan’s handling of a rape case involving Brandon Gibbons, Lewan’s former teammate, and roommate, who was expelled from school as a result of the charge. Lewan’s involvement comes as he allegedly threatened the victim of the rape to withdraw the complaint or he would rape her too.

The Titans made Lewan their first selection in the 2014 NFL Draft taking the offensive tackle in the first round at pick #11.

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