NFL’s Media Policy is Fatally Flawed

In case you missed it, Marshawn Lynch was all over the news last season for his reluctance to speak with the media. This issue actually goes back several years and Lynch only acquiesced after being fined by the NFL. If you have been living under a rock, here is a Deadspin feed of full Marshawn Lynch coverage to catch you up.

Lynch of course is required by contract to speak with the media but the backlash is part and parcel of the elitism that is still present in media policies. Players bear the brunt of discipline for many things while owners and management typically get off lighter because that’s just how it works.

Teams of course have their own media obligations and they brandish that power with impunity. Yet, you won’t find the NFL concerning itself with those issues. It’s a tired sad game where the Kings and Queens live royally while the pawns bear the brunt of the punishment for media shenanigans.

Teams regularly play games with media access with credentials being largely reserved for those who carry their water. This isn’t endemic to football but it happens though you rarely see it get much traction. It’s simply not in the media’s best interests to reveal these shenanigans because they know their access could be yanked in a heartbeat. It does get reported albeit it sparingly.

So forgive me if I don’t care that Marshawn Lynch isn’t all that forthcoming when it comes to dealing with the media. The game is rigged and everyone knows it. That punishment is only meted to the players isn’t surprising either. It’s part and parcel of the deal and everyone knows that too.

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