Why I Love Inquisition (Even if it’s not a good sequel)

WARNING: This post contains spoilers! 

Shortly after I wrote my review of Inquisition, another fan of the video game series suggested I thought the game wasn’t that good. Perhaps my review was a bit harsh in retrospect but since I intended to write some follow ups I don’t plan on changing it one bit. Simply put, I didn’t like Inquisition as a sequel to the gaming series. However, as I thought I made clear in my review, as a standalone game I loved it.

The truest test of any video game is whether it is being played or gets regular play. I began playing Inquisition during the Christmas holidays. Before completing my review of the game, I had invested over 300 hours playing the game. Since writing my review, I have invested at least 100 more just playing the game because I like it.

As a standalone game, I love Inquistion enough to invest my disposable time of which I have very little. That more than anything speaks to how enjoyable I find it. So what makes the game so much fun? Let’s delve into that shall we?


The gaming series of course is named after dragons so it would be a bit of a disappointment not to have them. The first two games sadly didn’t feature a whole lot of them but at least the plot of Origins was centered around one in the Archdemon.

Inquistion has 10 dragons that you meet as you wander through the amazing landscape that is Thedas. The graphics for this game are reason enough to play it. Particularly so if you upgrade to the XBox One like I did during your playthrough. Inquisition is simply a beautiful game with amazing detail.

There are few greater pleasures in life than meeting and ultimately killing a dragon in Inquisition. I am not exaggerating one single bit. The sheer scope of the fight along with the character interaction you experience if you choose wisely intersect to form a gaming experience that is incomparable. Hint: choose The Iron Bull a few times and then be sure to talk to him about it and you will know what I mean.

Storyline and Music:

No, I didn’t like Inquisition as  a sequel to the gaming series I loved. Yes, I do love the storyline once I got past that obstacle. There are many outstanding moments in the game and the music is fantastic. You can enjoy a gaming storyline even if you don’t think it does the series justice.

Without giving out too much plot line and spoilers, there is a moment in the game that brings me to tears every single time I play it. Without fail. It’s quite possibly one of my favorite video game moments ever and that is saying a lot. I won’t spoil it for you but it comes at a major turning point in the game and it’s breathtaking.

Character interaction:

I talked about how I loved the romances in Inquisition in my review even though they are quite vanilla but didn’t get a chance to discuss the character interaction in general. There are some things Bioware really does well.

First, thank goodness you can usually only interact with your companions while at your stronghold. I can’t count the number of times I accidentally hit click in the first two games only to initiate a conversation I didn’t want to have at a time when I didn’t want to have it. Kudos to the game creators for ensuring this never happens again.

Second, in this game interacting really means something since that’s how you develop some of the storyline. Sure, you can get by without it and without a romantic option but tell me again why you are playing this game? Or playing RPG’s in general? You truly aren’t doing it right.

Finally, in Inquisition the characters interact among themselves in a way you don’t see in previous games. The character interaction is one of the things that makes this game so good. As you talk to and interact with each of your companions and advisors you build your character and the storyline as well. It might be the first game where I felt I truly did “create” my character.

There are many more things I love about this game but those are the basics. It’s a good game and one that RPG lovers will enjoy. That it didn’t meet my expectations as a sequel doesn’t mean I don’t love the game all the same.

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