Yo Yahoo Fantasy We Need To Talk

Fantasy football freak that I am I have a lot of fantasy leagues on a number of different fantasy platforms including Yahoo. I cut my teeth on Yahoo fantasy because it was the first, and best, to really jump onto the fantasy football wagon. So when I say we need to talk I say it with love.

So when I hopped on Yahoo recently just to peep the scene somehow it put me into a league and then autodrafted for me. Cool beans you guys. I peeped my team and was cool with it. Not too bad Yahoo!

sharona yahoo ff team

So imagine my surprise when I got my draft “score” and saw the lede! My team isn’t going to win much? Playa you picked my team!!

shitty yahoo rankings

shitty yahoo rankings 2

shitty yahoo rankings 3

So yeah man maybe I should have picked my own team. We really need to talk.

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