Happy Women’s Equality Day

This morning in Virginia two media members, Alison Parker and Adam Ward, were senselessly murdered. This violence isn’t isolated to today nor is it isolated to the media but it hits women in media particularly hard.

Women absorb the violence of this world. Rape is used as a mechanism of war all over the world. One in three women will face some sort of violence at the hands of their intimate partner. One in seven women have been stalked by an intimate partner. On average, three women are killed each day by someone they know intimately. Most of them are shot.

What did these women do that led to their deaths? They lived and loved and sometimes said no or left.

Being a women in the media makes you accurately aware of these things. Go to the social media account of any women with a significant presence and you will see why. We are called names, denigrated and threatened with bodily injury or death.

Yes, we are threatened with our lives for having a voice and an opinion.

What happened today struck home. Its a fear many women share. So happy women’s equality day where we woke with a reminder of our biggest fear.

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