Volunteers Outcoached (Again)

I rarely allow myself to write about or report extensively on the Tennessee Volunteers these days, preferring to allow that to be an areas where I indulge freely in the joys and sorrows of fandom. A few years ago I instituted a no tweet policy though from time to time I pop in and commensurate with my fellow masochists who love the team.

I broke my ban today fully aware the Volunteers would blow a game (again) they were destined to win. Its the trademark of Vols football these days. The fans briefly enjoyed the Kiffin days where glory seemed just a different used car away. We survived the Dooley days when we told ourselves at least he wasn’t Mike Shula.

The issues that plagued the Volunteers during Phil Fulmers final coaching years as the head of Tennessee football are gone. The garage is full of shiny new cars surrounded by some used ones of the really nice variety. Yet, the Volunteers are no closer to the promised land than they were the past 10 years.

I like Butch Jones well enough and you cannot deny he has refilled the cupboard nor that Tennessee is a talented program these days. It just hasn’t translated to enough quality wins. Nothing I have seen convinces me this is a good coaching staff on gamedays.

Today Tennessee was outcoached by Florida in a game that exposed the flaws of this coaching staff. Having nice shiny new toys doesn’t do any good if you don’t know how to race them. In a game the Vols were largely favored to win they couldn’t hold a lead nor could they seal a win.

At some point there needs to be an understanding of where Jones stands and what the expectations are in the games to come. He surely seems safe for this year and perhaps for next. The Vols just signed him to an extension that keeps him in Tennessee through 2020.

Yet, with Arkansas, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina and Missouri still on the schedule, if he doesn’t start improving it could get very interesting in Tennessee.



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