*We Care About Women and Diversity*

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and oftentimes that is very true. Consider this then a photo posted by Fox Sports Katie Nolan, a woman whose tagline and professed allure is to weigh in on current events and hot topics on her “revolutionary” show on FS1.

Yes, dear friends, Nolan, whose shtick includes weighing in on issues pertaining to women and who regularly gets called on to voice bullshit to Fox Sports often nauseating misogyny and callousness toward women and diversity, has a production crew exclusively white and male.

How perfectly telling.

I’ve been critical of Nolan in the past only because I call out bullshit and her shtick has always smelled to high heaven to me. While her show, Garbage Time, is “revolutionary'” in one sense namely because she is one of very few women to host their own sports show, I have repeatedly said it does very little for the average woman out here grinding her ass off working the trenches in this business.

Judging by her commitment to diversity, it certainly seems I am correct.

Garbage Time indeed.

By the way, don’t even get me started on the “porn star” currently getting airtime over qualified women who have worked their ass off in this business making a name for themselves the right way. You can miss me completely and totally with that bullshit.

Yeah I said it.

I will take working your ass off over showing your ass every day of the week and two times on Saturday and Sunday. Damn shame it is.

In a business that says it wants to do better by women and minorities words come cheap and actions, as always, speak louder than words.



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