Titans Should Sign Colin Kaepernick #TitanUp

The Tennessee Titans were curb stomped Sunday in Houston in a Week 4 loss to a division rival, losing to the Texans 57-14. The score was bad but the news from the game was even worse. Quarterback Marcus Mariota suffered a hamstring injury late in the second quarter and did not return. He is scheduled for an MRI today.

Enter backup quarterback Matt Cassel, a 13 year veteran who has been the Titans backup since 2016. The results were disastrous. He would finish four of 10 for 21 yards, two interceptions, including one pick six, and a sack fumble. The remainder were three and outs. Details below.

First drive 3 and Out

Second drive 3 and Out

Third Drive Interception

Fourth Drive Pick Six

Fifth Drive Sack and Fumble

Cassel Sixth Drive 3 and Out

There would be a hand-off at the end but that summary of his play says everything about the current state of the Titans backup situation. Abysmal.

At 35 years of age, Cassel’s best football is behind him and that was on a backup level. Cassel’s skill set in no way resembles what the Titans run with Mariota. It is difficult to come off the bench with little preparation but it helps to have someone who can run a similar offense with a similar skill set.

If only there were a quarterback out there who could upgrade the position. Oh wait, there is! Colin Kaepernick, a playoff winning quarterback who led his team to the Superbowl, is on the market. A mobile quarterback with a play style similar to Mariota’s, he would instantly upgrade the position.

Matt Cassel Career Stats

Cassel career stats courtesy of Pro Football Reference

Colin Kaepernick Career Stats

Kaepernick career stats courtesy of Pro Football Reference

That Kaepernick is better isn’t even debatable and the numbers above do not even factor in his threat as a runner. Even if the news regarding Mariota is positive, the position needs to be upgraded. With injuries to quarterbacks like Oakland Raiders Derek Carr and Indianapolis Colts Jacoby Brissett, the market will thin soon enough. Time is of the essence.

The Titans are in a tie for the divisional lead and face the Colts on October 16. This team has a legitimate shot at the playoffs after a long playoff drought. They need to sign Kaepernick and they need to do it now.

featured image courtesy of Deadspin

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