Regarding Sharona

Regarding Sharona:

Hi there! I am Sharona and if you are reading this well welcome!  Just a little bit about me in case you are interested. I am a single attorney living the dream in the Nashville, Tennessee area. I have no kids but I do have a dog. Her name is Libby and if you read or follow me you will hear a lot about her. Probably more than you want if you want the truth.

best dog ever

Meet Libby everyone. The best dog in the whole world.

I grew up in Austin, Texas where I was a cowboys fan but I moved to Nashville, Tennessee around the time the Titans came to town. Of course back then, they were known as the Houston Oilers, and then for two years the Tennessee Oilers. After the stadium in Nashville was built, the Tennessee Titans were born. I decided to support the local team as much as possible but I truly became hooked on January 8, 2000 at Adelphia Coliseum during the 1999 playoffs when the Titans beat the Buffalo Bills on a miracle play that came to be called the Music City Miracle. I will never forget that game and that experience.

First of all, I was wearing a knee brace because I had been involved in a motor vehicle accident just a week or so before. Second, I had the flu and felt like death. On top of that the weather was absolutely foul and it rained/sleeted the entire time. Fun times!

The entire game was a knuckle biter. Perhaps someday I will blog the entire event. The Titans were down 16-15 with 16 seconds to go. On the ensuing kickoff, the ball is fielded by Titans fullback Lorenzo “Lo” Neal, who immediately handed it off to tight end Frank Wycheck. Wycheck threw a lateral pass to wide receiver Kevin Dyson, who ran the left side of the field 75 yards for a touchdown.

The few seconds it took for the play to unfold seemed like a lifetime. For a few seconds you could hear a pin drop and everyone held their breath. When Dyson hit the 50 yard line the entire stadium erupted as he dashed into the end zone. It was a moment I will never ever forget. Music City Miracle

Speaking of Music City Miracles, you can find me writing about the Titans regularly there. I am also the Titans reporter for NFL Female and be sure to check out our excellent podcasts on the 32 NFL teams. I am also a pirate wench at Titans Report.

I am an avid gamer so you can also expect something gaming related to appear regularly on my twitter account and feel free to hit me up on Xbox or PS3. Finally, I am pretty much a huge nerd. My favorite movies are the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I also love just about anything science fiction. I am a big believer in photography so expect tons of photos!

That’s pretty much all there is to know about me. At least the interesting stuff anyway. I hope you enjoy my website!


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